Is Daylight Savings Time Still Necessary?

With daylight savings time, you lose an hour of sleep if you live in the United States. People love daylight savings time during the fall since they gain an hour of sleep but others hate it if they are on the losing sleep side. However, not really many people question this practice or even think about it seriously. This is, after all, what people have been used to doing every time spring comes.
Daylight savings time has its own history. If you don't know the history, it actually goes back to the time when Benjamin Franklin suggested that if the clocks were moved forward, in the summer, then candle wax can be saved. However, it was during World War I when daylight saving time was used in a widespread manner. And the reason for this was to save energy.
Daylight savings time has been used in the US since the sixties. Though all these years there were changes made only in the starts and stops of DST.Read_more_from_ end daylight savings time petition . The underlying reason for establishing DST was to save energy and this raises the question if DST really saves energy in this present age.
There was definitely energy savings when it was first used. However, energy use in the evenings is different today. It not really on lighting but more on air conditioning and using electronics at night. In the world that we live in today, studies should that there is no energy savings for DST.
So this is a situation where a decision made for good reasons before is still being practiced today even if the reason is no longer valid. Nobody has really questioned the situation because it is a tradition, the culture, and the way that it has always been done.
When DST was first instituted it made complete sense and was necessary, but the world has changed and today it no longer makes sense.Read_more_from_check it out! But the practice has not changed because people no longer know the reason why the practice was implemented in the first place.
If no one asks if they still make sense, then habits and traditions will continue. It is then in the hands of the leaders to ask these questions about practices that are still being done today with no real purpose to it.
This does not necessarily mean that daylight savings time does not make sense. Yet the reasons behind it should also be considered and there should be a conscious decision that is based on the current context.Read_more_from_https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time.